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  1. dot the i's, cross the t's, and always give your files extensions

    If it were a snake it would have bit me. Trying the popup viewer revealed that my script stopped loading images as soon as it encountered a file without an extension. What an embarrassing...
  2. strange page problems when uploading to Godaddy

    I'm working on building a gallery page for a relative. The gallery has a few cute DHTML features: a sliding div that shows one line of images at a time, and a sort of popup slideshow the users can...
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    float and tables in IE

    Actually, I'm exaggerating a bit when I say IE didn't like rendering tables. I think the page I tried it on worked fine in IE 8, but had some problems in IE 5-7. Maybe there was another issue. As...
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    The infamous inline-block property

    I've been reading more and more about the shaky support for inline-block, and I was wondering if anyone knew a good solution to dealing with variable WIDTH content for this kind of display that would...
  5. got it!

    :cool:Problem solved. This probably reveals me as a self-taught n-zero-zero-b, but apparently the source of the problem was my putting the script as a runtime in the body. I was under the...
  6. Thank you anyway for your help so far... I'll see...

    Thank you anyway for your help so far... I'll see what I can do (it might be a bit much to include in a post).
  7. more of the same

    The css solution is an elegant one, but it seems to have two issues:
    1. the images are maintaining proportion, but they still seem to be outside the 150x150 limit.
    2. the first image still returns...
  8. css solution to thumbnail

    Sounds good. Somehow I forgot about the "max-width" and "max-height" properties. Actually, I remembered them, but for some reason I've never tried using them to size images (thank you for noting...
  9. creating image thumbnails that maintain aspect ratio

    I've been working at this one for a few days now, and I keep getting the same puzzling results on what should probably have been a simple issue.

    My page has images I've loaded at the top and set...
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