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  1. Group within a certain time period? (MySQL)

    I have a certain table, updates, with columns id, user, type, date, and time. I am trying to group them and get a count of how many in each group by user, type, and within a certain time period....
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    Thank you for your suggestions. The major...

    Thank you for your suggestions. The major features I need are PHP, MySQL, and as I said .htaccess. Also, although I have PHP and MySQL through Yahoo, I am not able to update/configure them. I need a...
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    Selecting a new hosting service

    I am currently in the process of picking a new web host (because Yahoo Small Business does not allow me to edit .htaccess, among other things) and I am looking for a new host that will allow me much...
  4. Resizing/thumbnailing user-uploaded images

    I'm having problems with resizing images images uploaded by users. I'm currently using a PHP script that keeps the proportion and changes to a set dimension. It works, but the image does not retain...
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