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    Help me convince clients not to support IE8

    I work for a web shop making websites for large brand name companies. I've convinced my boss to push our clients to drop IE8 support. My boss gave me a task to create a "deck" that can be given to...
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    Sites still using top navigation bar

    This used to be a common experience but not many websites do it anymore. If you're on a website and click an external link, the website would open the external link with a navigation or controls bar...
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    rtmp streaming link

    I just need a working rtmp:// link to test in my video player. Doesn't matter what it is, only using it to test the player. I'm having trouble finding one that will just work plug and play. Anyone...
  4. Thanks, more than I could ask for but the text is...

    Thanks, more than I could ask for but the text is dynamic. It could only be two words or the image could be very big, in which case the absolute span doesn't fully expand. :(

    Think I'll chalk...
  5. overlaying relative divs with auto width (come here for a challenge)

    Need some help on this one. I need to create: http://tinyurl.com/6dgk75r

    The image and content is dynamic so both the height and width could change. That means I can't position elements with...
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    no progress bar on major media websites?

    NBC, CBS, Comedy Central...

    All these sites offer online streaming video. My biggest gripe is none of the players for major shows have a progress bar. What's up with that? If its a slow connection...
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