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  1. php image count but when deleting image have count problem

    Hi all,

    i have an upload system that gives an id to the uploaded image ex. 159-1.jpg

    When another image is uploaded it continues to count 159-2, -3 and so fort

    But when i delete (unlink) an...
  2. Found the problem $image1 =...

    Found the problem

    $image1 = ($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/img/annonce/'.$pathImg.'/'.substr($_GET['id'], 0, 1).'/'.$_GET['id']."-".$_GET['pic'].".jpg");

    but the new problem is that my images...
  3. when btn is clicked

    when btn is clicked

    <a href='annonce_modifier2.php?image=suppression&id=".$_GET['id']."&t=".$_GET['t']."&pic=".$i."'>

    i created the link below but he doesnt recognize the .$i.

    $image1 =...
  4. Hi Gravy, i have almost finished it removes...

    Hi Gravy,

    i have almost finished it removes the file BUT it cant seem to find the picture number.
    Like the example below 159-.jpg it should be 159-2.jpg
  5. Thank you Gravy for your quick reply, ill test...

    Thank you Gravy for your quick reply,
    ill test this code later today and let you know how it works out.
  6. Remove image from server/ ftp with php

    Hi everyone, its since 2 days i'm stuck with a little problem that i cant seem to find.

    I wrote this code to delete an image from the ftp when a link is clicked,
    used unlink to remove the file...
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