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    Writing to XML Javascript

    Im having a very hard time trying to find any data to support what i am trying to do. i have a non asyncronus AJAX request pulling data from an XML and loading into a dynamic table. this part works...
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    for loop Nesting issues?

    I dont really know why this is happening but the code will pull the last tables, one TR and one TD. with the last choldnode value in it.

    It will not however create the separate rows and tables....
  3. I took what you said and ended up putting a...

    I took what you said and ended up putting a if(!eetag[i]){break;} statement into the i for loop and it works perfect! also used your item. Thanks!
  4. Thankyou!

    I have been working on that for three days and have pulled the literal OR 20 different ways! I must have missed one! LOL for what the error is...I will take it! Im designing for IE but have to have...
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    Im not sure where the j would be incrementing...

    Im not sure where the j would be incrementing with the data that i see. Mozilla i beleive is posting J from the top global value of (var j) and not from the posted j=74 on the first script. How is...
  6. Please Help Cant Pull XML/Javascript Loop in Mozilla!

    This data seems to stop the loop when in mozilla and i cant seem to be able to bypass it. i corrected the DOM by using the nodetype if statements and it produces exactly what i want it too in IE. In...
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    Mozilla vs XML vs IE

    Im having an issue with this particular script. i am pulling data form an XML though Javascript and dynamically posting to a table. When pulling this data..IE see's the #text node(ignores it) and...
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