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  1. Firing an event after a pause, but cancel if there's activity

    Hello. I'd like to fire a javascript event 1000 milliseconds after an event, but I'd like to CANCEL that event if there's activity again. So a simple setTimeout wont work because it'll fire...
  2. haha -- indeed. thank you. this forum is...

    haha -- indeed. thank you. this forum is valuable, if even for inner monologue. Perhaps someone will stumble upon it and find something of value.
  3. I was able to resolve this using the ghosting...

    I was able to resolve this using the ghosting parameters and the hover class stuff.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. As a follow-up, using the .hoverActive class...

    As a follow-up, using the .hoverActive class makes it easier to know when you can "drop" an item and have it place correctly. However, this is sometimes a little weird. You have to be fairly...
  5. scriptaculous: two drop targets, right pane is sortable

    Hello. Currently, I have the following javascript.

    187 function setDraggables(e) {
    188 var dragObjs = e.getElementsByTagName('li');
    190 for(var x=0; x<dragObjs.length; x++) {...
  6. hey, thanks guys.

    hey, thanks guys.
  7. onClick on a parent element firing during onClick of child

    hello. I have an element inside of a parent. Both with onclicks to different functions. I'd like for the child element to not fire the parent element's onclick. Only its own onclick. How can I...
  8. Floating an HTML menu on top of flash -- Mouseover triggers flash stuff

    Hello. I have a flash movie on my homepage. I'm using an HTML/CSS menu with flyouts for subnavigation. Everything works fine, but the problem is, mousing in to the HTML layer will trigger mouseover...
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    Problem with z-index.

    Hello. I am having some sort of z-index problem that has me completely stumped. I'm building out a system of navigation. not yet complete. I'm having a problem where my unordered list sibling is...
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    Expanding nav boxes to fill a horizontal space?

    Hello. I have a rather unique problem.

    I have a top navigation that are several boxes floating left. The body container has a set width of 800px. The different navigational items are boxes that...
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    Opaque Flash on top of opaque DHTML.

    Hello. I am trying to do a flash video with opacity on top of a background image that I am transitioning via DHTML (dissolve from one to the next) -- Yes, ideally you should do it all in flash, but...
  12. Flash/ASP for email send... How to send fail/success?

    Hello, I am working with flash developer who has a standard flash form that will post to my asp script via "tafData.sendAndLoad("dosend.asp",taf_results_lv,"POST");"

    basically, after the email...
  13. got it.. fyi:

    got it.. fyi:
    <xsl:value-of select="count(descendant::risk)"/>
  14. Counting Child Nodes using Axis instead of count?

    Hello. I have the following xml, basically.

  15. You guys rock. Thanks.

    You guys rock. Thanks.
  16. How to get value of last item in a dropdown box?

    Hello. I have a dynamically created dropdown box (so its length may vary) -- How can I use javascript to get the value of the last item in the dropdown?

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    Ah, very true. Would be cool if this...

    Ah, very true. Would be cool if this functionality could be encapsulated via an extension...
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    What I think an email client should do...

    Hello. I wrote this little article this morning:

    It outlines what I think the next-gen email client/web-based email site should do. It combines the best of...
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    Done.. Here's the code i used... ...

    Done.. Here's the code i used...

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    You can set an onClick event to the table row....

    You can set an onClick event to the table row. I'm basically changing the color of the entire row when you click on the row. It changes the class of the entire row. it works fine.

    I am just...
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    change color of a clicked row *except* ... ?

    hello. i have the following.

    <tr onclick="if (this.className=='clicked'){this.className='nav'}else{this.className='clicked'};">
    <a href="#">hello</A>
  22. Thank you everyone for all your help!!! Helped...

    Thank you everyone for all your help!!! Helped tremendously.
  23. Any way to make this for/next loop more efficient?

    Hello. In short, my code needs to fill in a checkbox if all the required fields are populated. I do this by gathering all the input fields and then looking at the classname... (oldid would be...
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    Very cool!! Thanks! I will check this out. ...

    Very cool!! Thanks! I will check this out.

    Thanks again!

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    Ordering/grouping an associative array...

    Hello. I have a javascript associative array that has several rows of information. For the records, though, there is about 6 different "types" and so 16 of the records might belong to one type, 8 to...
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