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  1. How to easily redirect 301 urls in .httaccess file

    I have a old domain name which i like to transfer to new domain name which i recently purchased. So Please suggest me how to redirect 301 url through .httaccess file. Also suggest me if you know any...
  2. Does Forum submission really Help in increase Website Ranking?

    I read on some article that forum submission help in increase website Ranking and also read in other article that it can also be reason to penalize. Now Im confuse what should I do.?
  3. Confuse about what strategy need to adopt to brand after panda and penguin update.?

    Now every one confuse what strategy adopt to get good rank on google after latest update of panda and penguin. Please suggest me the best strategy which increase visibility on SERP.
  4. What is the way to retrieve iPhone app crash report on different OS platform. ?

    Im using a iphone Apps and when ever I try to open it show crash error. can any one suggest me how to retrieve iPhone app crash report on different OS platform - Mac OS, Windows XP, Windows Vista ?.
  5. How to Create LinkedIn Master Strategic Plan - Please give some Suggestions.

    Im making strategy for LinkedIn professional network because one of my old client want to utilize full benefit of LinkedIn.
    Do you have any suggestion regarding it, so please provide me i would...
  6. Thanks angelpeterson: my problem now resolved.

    Thanks angelpeterson:

    my problem now resolved.
  7. Google Local Business Listing Error.(We currently do not support the location)

    I need help for one of my client google local business listing Suddenly one of my old seo client lost its top local listing position on google.when i saw google local business listing for the...
  8. Thanks LearningCoder. I've change width size...

    Thanks LearningCoder.

    I've change width size pixel to %. Now it's running fine and i'm able to open in any resolution.
  9. Running problem in Wamp server 2.2 on windows 8. Please suggest how to resolve it.

    When I installed Wamp server 2.2 in my pc which is running on windows 8, Im having a problem regarding phpmyadmin and it says that it cannot access the phpmyadmin. I also tried to open...
  10. My Website has resolution compatibility issue. Please suggest me what to do.?

    Whenever i try to open my web page on high resolution, it display long horizontal scroll bar and i have to scroll every time to view web page, which is very disappointing. Please suggest me how to...
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