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  1. WordPress - Display images grouped by tag

    This mess is an actual chunk of code from a project I'm working on, and I would really appreciate some help/tips to get it working properly.

    The Situation:
    I enabled tags for the media...
  2. WordPress - Custom Taxonomies - Permalinks - Please help me out

    I came into a project that was already "done" and I was asked to make some changes. One such change is the permalink structure for a custom taxonomy. For some reason they made "Communities" a custom...
  3. WordPress - Custom Post Types - Permalinks - Please help me out

    I'm creating a few custom post types for a website and I could use a little help figuring out how to adjust the permalink structure to show things correctly.

    Basically I'm adding these types and...
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    jQuery infinite loop for slideshow

    I am working on a project and I need to make a fully custom solution for the slideshow -- basically I can pass in an array and I need a div with a certain ID to cycle through those background images,...
  5. Complex query advice. Multiple INNER JOINs and count results with a certain perameter

    Okay, here's what I have so far:

    plat.title AS p_title,
    plat.initial AS p_init,
    builder.title AS p_builder,
    address.city AS p_city
    INNER JOIN company AS builder ON plat.builder =...
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    jQuery Carousel slider

    I'm trying to build a website and the carousel slider is killing me. Basically each div position needs to have an id associated with it (i.e. position0, position1, etc) and position 0 is hidden, then...
  7. jQuery Best approach for a responsive sliding Carousel of divs

    Okay, so I've got a div of content that has a couple of elements (a heading, a paragraph, and two images) and I need it to rotate through a carousel -- there will be anywhere from 1 (on mobile) to 5...
  8. jQuery Carousel plug-in not behaving as preferred

    I got the basis for a carousel that does almost exactly what I need:

    But it doesn't auto-play, which was resolved in the comments...
  9. MySQL INNER JOIN confusion -- go easy on me, I'm learning

    Tables include:
    plat: plat_title, plat_initial, builder_id
    company: company_title, company_type
    address: ref_city, ref_state, ref_map_x, ref_map_y
    graphic: img_file, img_type, featured,...
  10. jQuery Cycle through Background Image, slide away to the left and some other stuff

    Okay, so I want to use jQuery to "slide out" a background image to the left and slide-in a new background image from the right -- they also need to start over when they're done. I also have some...
  11. Best way to: background "stripe" at 100% wide while inner div is content-width?

    Here is an example of what I mean: IMAGE

    The photo at the top is full-width as are the little "bars" that stick out the sides of the content, but they all have to line up with the content they are...
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    [RESOLVED] Using JOIN in MySQL

    Okay, so I've got a ton of experience using MySQL but I've never actually mastered using JOINs.

    Basically I have these:


  14. jQuery Creating a preferences "game" to help a user choose their favorite option...

    Okay, so you know those games where it's like "choose your favorite color" and it shows you blue and yellow and if you click blue it shows you purple and black, then it keeps giving you more colors...
  15. I'm trying it but it isn't working. :(

    I'm trying it but it isn't working. :(
  16. Crop tall .jpg to square WITHOUT complex cropping add-ons

    I have a handful of jpg files that are tall and vary in size. I want the excess length to be trimmed (so aligned top-center and cropped to a square) but I don't want to add any extra systems like...
  17. Drupal blocks, with dynamic content or feed?

    I'm new to Drupal but not new to PHP. Does anyone know how to put a dynamic bit of content inside of a "block" in Drupal? I just figured out how to add/change a block, but I don't want the guy...
  18. I managed to work through it myself. I ended...

    I managed to work through it myself.

    I ended up using position:absolute and putting the layout boxes inside of the "page" box as separate divs with font size of 1px and the background colors set...
  19. What I am basically trying to do is override the...

    What I am basically trying to do is override the order the div's are dropped to the page in. If I have 4 divs and I drop them in 1, 2, 3, 4 I want to be able to have 4 on the left side of 3 if I need...
  20. [RESOLVED] Using X,Y Coordinates to draw complex boxes for layout within a div as a thumbnail?

    Ok, so I am using FPDF and PHP to make automatic dynamic flyers for my office and I was wondering if anyone could help me out in making a "thumbnail" of the document layout for the page that lets the...
  21. Thread: Mobile

    by amandaNHT

    jQuery Mobile

    EDIT: Sorry, I was going to write the title after I finished writing this part, but I forgot and clicked "submit" -- so now it's stuck. :(

    I'm using jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 (and jQuery 1.9.1) and I'm...
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    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction,...

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, and for responding so quickly. I tried googling an answer before I posted here and I couldn't figure out the right thing to search for. Thank you so...
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    Optimize images for web ...on upload?

    I'm building a CMS for a client who is definitely not very computer savvy. They will be uploading a lot of photos and they are scared of "big" words like "optimization" and "photoshop" so they are...
  24. The tricky part about this is that the panel...

    The tricky part about this is that the panel (div[data-role="panel"]) and the jQuery Mobile page (.ui-page) both have to have the margin added, otherwise they overlap.
  25. Smooth margin-size change between break-points?

    I'm trying to center a jQuery Mobile page with a panel and "margin: 0 auto" doesn't work, so here is what I have:

    <style type="text/css">
    @media screen and (min-width:65em){...
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