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    Help with gap under Horizontal Menu

    Hi i have another gap issue. This time it is under my horizontal menu. Is it possible to align it to the line i have below or atleast get as it close at possible. Here is the image and the scripts i...
  2. Issues with my gradient color javascript menu table

    Hi i have this menu table that has a gradient effect and flips to a different color when mouse is over a cell of the table. It is working great for google chrome, the problem is it is not working for...
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    How to fix a gap under my slideshow?


    I got my slideshow working the problem is when i put the javascript code i get a gap under instead of being close to the table below.
    Can someone take a look at it and see what i am doing...
  4. Thank you so very very much is exactly what i...

    Thank you so very very much is exactly what i needed. BY any chance is there a way to add links to each image that appears? :)

    Thank you in advance
  5. Okay i have been experimenting with this but...

    Okay i have been experimenting with this but doesnt seem to work at all. Maybe someone here can help me.

    I saved this as picklink.js

    <script language="JavaScript"><!--

    //Javascript Created...
  6. Please help with my JavaScript random image from folder

    Hi, i am working on a website and it is basically will revolve around pictures. So far i am still working on the site and at the moment i have about 400 pictures and counting i wish to put them all...
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