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    Automatically generating website templates

    I'm working on a project. I want to be able to have a user (from a specific industry niche, not everyone) answer a few questions about themselves and upload a few images, pick from no more than a...
  2. ah thanks mate, its very possible it's just an...

    ah thanks mate, its very possible it's just an issue with IE 11 as I didn't see it with IE10 either, but I just can't let it lie as it is (as ropey as IE 11 is), thanks again for that
  3. Would be grateful for some help, free hosting in return

    Hi Guys

    I really hope someone could offer me some help/advice? I have a website which if you look at it in Chrome or FireFox, is exactly how I want it to look (here)

    In IE, (I'm using 11...
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