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  1. AJAX How to call Google Map API in $(document).ready to get the country code? Please HELP!

    Hi everyone,

    I am facing a crisis here. I have a textbox, named businessInfo_businessAddress, which contains client's address loaded from the database when the page is loaded. I have a hidden...
  2. AJAX I've read about using curl in PHP, but I just...

    I've read about using curl in PHP, but I just don't know where to put that code. My app is being developed based on a Symfony app that's already built. It uses twig to create design for each PHP page...
  3. AJAX Social Security Number verification by javascript and web service

    As part of my project, I am required to provide my client a functionality that can verify user's input Social Security Number by using CBSV's web service. I've read the documents in CBSV's website,...
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