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  1. Webinar (Feb 4): How to test Web apps across browsers & platforms with GUI automation

    Are you testing all possible browser and platform variations when testing your Web applications?

    Tuesday, February 4th 2014
    Register Now >> 16:00 Central European Time / 10:00 AM US Eastern Time...
  2. Free Webinar: Object-Aware iOS & Android App Automated Testing - No Jailbreak/Root!

    Need to test your iOS or Android Mobile Apps on device and simulator/emulator at varying resolutions and orientations?

    Learn how to produce robust and maintainable tests using Squish GUI Tester's...
  3. Webinar (Nov12): Ensure Your Hybrid App is Ready for Prime Time with GUI Automation

    Is your application made up of multiple technologies, Java + Web, iOS + Web or another combination?

    Learn how to implement a cohesive automated testing solution exercising all aspects of your...
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