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    Here is my code for an export to excel


    This exports was done from a database to an excel file.

    Hope you can do something with it.

  2. This is not good

    Hi There,

    I tried your sollution to put the request.querystring into the defaultvalue, but this gives an runtime error.

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current...
  3. Use querystring and/or controlparameter in sqlDataSource

    Hi There,
    I have a new question for you.

    In a page I have a Gridview with a list of items. In the link of the items I have 2 parameters as querystring. The first parameter let the treecontrol on...
  4. Calling menu under submenu to Headmenu

    Dear Developers,

    I have a new question for you.
    On my homepage of http://www.bouwmap.nl/Default.aspx I have 4 headers [Kosten,Wet-en Regelgeving, etc]. These submenu's hang under a menu...
  5. Problemn Solved

    Hi Ribs,

    More searching on the web, I found the sollution for my problemn:
    The text in red solved it. With the controlparameter in de contentplaceholder I want to get the "Querystring" the...
  6. http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/083006-1.aspx

    Hi There,

    Hope this URL does what you want or helps you further:

  7. [RESOLVED] Treeview with Contentplaceholders

    Hi There,

    I am new to ASP.Net with ContentPlaceholders.
    My problemn is:
    I have a masterpage on which are 3 ContentPlaceHolders.
    ContentPlaceholderLeft, ContentplaceholderContent,...
  8. [RESOLVED] Error connecting to the database

    Hi All,
    I am bit new to ASP.NET C#, I want to make a connection to my database but I am getting the next error: "provider: Provider from named pipes, error: 40 - Could not connect to SQL Server"
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    Selectbox values place in HTML table

    Can anyone help me, with placing values, which I selected from a selectbox, into an HTML table?
    The selectbox uses this script:...
  10. help you

    your sql clause is not good in total:

    Query = ("SELECT * FROM table where farrangementnr=" & Criteria and fbord= & bord)

    change to:
    Query = ("SELECT * FROM table where farrangementnr=" &...
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