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  1. No, there is just always "::".$str."\"", where...

    there is just always "::".$str."\"", where $str does not contain space (" ").
  2. need help for nice code of parser of defined string

    Hello everybody,
    I am about to do a parser for following type of strings:
    "0.150 C03939::cyt" + "2 ORieske_B6::cyt" => "C05744::cyt" + "38 P680::cyt" + "C00229::cyt"
    0.150 "C03939::cyt"...
  3. Replies

    convert json-String to XML problem

    Hi all,
    I am quite new in using php. I need to convert string bellow to XML. The string should comes from jquery(it is json object).
  4. Sending JQuery object via Ajax to PHP problem

    HI all,
    I have problem to understand how sending and comunication between jqeury and php goes. I have simple task. I need to send json object to php and than do some stuff with it (json_decode,...
  5. object of objects orientation - selector, appendTo(), set attributes ...

    I have following object of objects:
    var xmlObject = {"@attributes":{"id":"3","name":"Cell"},
  6. jQuery http://jsbin.com/ireqix/91 not functional for IEv9

    I found this JQuery script http://jsbin.com/ireqix/91 and it's exactly what I was looking for, but for some reason it is not working well in IEv9 (in other versions possibly neither)....
  7. app - defining clickable areas of photo by your mouse

    Hello everybody,
    I am to create web application where you define clickable parts of image (for the beginning lets talk just about rectangular - first click = left upper corner, second click = right...
  8. generate area of map tag and make it different when on mouseenter function

    Hello, i have probleme to generate <area> tags inside <map>, idea is quite simple:
    I would like to take image and divide its map into 12 area depending on picture size(height, width)
    Here is my...
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