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  1. jQuery how to retrieve the index of the extract string in a given sentence

    ex: my string contains "evaluation as eval", when i find "eval" it always returns the position
    1 since "evaluation" also contains "eval". can any one help on retrieving exact string "eval" index?
  2. jQuery how to insert a link for the imaged added in the iframe

    i have a iframe with an image. i want to insert a link for that existing imageg. the values will be get at run time from the user.so when the image is clicked it will open the corresponding website....
  3. Re:image with % in it's name is loaded in IFrame

    Yes, it is must. i have tried to replace '%' with '%25' but it doesnt work for me. can anyone help me to resolve this issue?
  4. image with % in it's name is loaded in IFrame

    Image with % in its's name is not loaded in IFrame. can anyone help me to encode this image name?


    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"...
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    re: scrollHeight

    No, this doesnt resolve my issue.
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    scrollHeight doesn't work in firefox 3.6

    i am using the following code to set the height of the div element based on its contents inside the div using the property scrollHeight. it works fine for IE but not firefox. pls help me to solve it....
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