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  1. I ended up switching from

    I ended up switching from <input type=button ... to <a href=... #W17>Open. Something with <form vs <a href where form encodes and href doesn't. Any how, the use said "I like it.". The floating...
  2. Posting a # (pound sign) in a URL as # not & # 35 ;

    I'm building a web page (spreadsheet)
    [ a date ] [ Bill Smith ]
    [ a date ] [ Open ]
    [ a date ] [ Open ]

    which makes the page long. I have a floating select/option list for person select....
  3. Replies

    Passing nonprinting chars

    Quick disc: maps.google.com - map comes up with icons here and there. OnMouseover[icon] pops up a
    google text box with a textarea> & SiteInfo[link], NodeInfo[link] etc. The on mouseover of say...
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