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    text at bottom of div .... help!

    basically i want to centre and position the text of the footer to the bottom. The footer also has a image.

    heres the html ...

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-5"?>
    <!DOCTYPE html...
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    Password protect USB port

    Basically what i want to do is if someone puts a usb stick into my pc for it to promp for a password before it opens the flash drive/mp3 player etc.

    is there a way or program to do this?

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    password protect hard drive/folder?

    i want to put a password onto my c: drive so no one can access it, unless they have the password, i also want to know how to do the same for a folder? cheers
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    create own page for each member ...

    i have a login page and a register page where users can log in or become a member. What i want to do now is when a user logs in to take them to their own page, sort of like facebook but no way as...
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    How much for a basic website?

    I have been working for a while on a website for my dad which i have done for free.
    I am just wondering how much would you guys charge to create a website like.....

    Bearing in mind all i had was...
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    Div Height in IE and FF are different.

    Hi, i have created a site and all was well untill i checked the website in FF. it seems that some of the divs position themselves higher in IE than they do in FF, this making the alignment of the...
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    IE Vs FF - Page layout

    i have created a website that looks fine in IE but the alignment is out when viewed with FF!
    could anyone help me out so that i can make the website look the same for both browsers. The website is...
  8. ok thanks will do that, also how can i correct...

    ok thanks will do that, also how can i correct the layouts between IE and FF? thanks again for your help!
  9. send details from form to spreadsheet/excel document

    i want to create a form that once summited sends the details to a spreadsheet, is this possible? if so how would i go about doing it?
  10. Form - php page takes a while to load! HELP!

    i have crated a form that takes the details from a form and sends it to a email address, once the form is submitted it then comes up with a thank u page written in php.
    The thing is the php page...
  11. thanks for your help Fang you've helped me a lot,...

    thanks for your help Fang you've helped me a lot, was trying to work out these 2 problems all last night. Thanks again for your help.
  12. thanks Fang, you did the job, but where did you...

    thanks Fang, you did the job, but where did you get those numbers from? that way i can position it to exactly where i want the map to show. Thanks again Fang.
  13. thanks u did the trick, i added the z-index to...

    thanks u did the trick, i added the z-index to the css style sheet and it did the trick thanks alot, also you don't know how to change the location of the map by any chance becuase its set the...
  14. [RESOLVED] Google map API positioning...

    I have created a website that has an image as the template, when i insert the google map api into my page the map goes behind the image!

    Any ideas how to solve this?
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    Validating email form fields

    Basically i have created a form which sends the name. email and mobile number from the form to my email and then shows the user what they have submitted by using PHP.
    At the moment the user can...
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