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  1. I moved the site onto a remote host which should...

    I moved the site onto a remote host which should have better response times than my local machine.

  2. Help with a parallax web site that is flashing and blinking when it shouldn't be.

    I have a parallax scrolling single-page site that I am working on, and for some reason, when you scroll down to the section called "services" or below (3rd and 4th sections), the page has a constant...
  3. Controlling ` ` breaks in a multi-column layout

    I am having trouble with managing how text-based content breaks in a multi-column, multi-page layout.

    I am using the textify.js jQuery plugin available on CodeCanyon.

    The problem I am having...
  4. jQuery URGENT: Need help resolving what appears to be a jQuery/MooTools conflict


    I am attempting to implement a jQuery plugin called Textify which I purchased on CodeCanyon.

    Textify requires jQuery, and I am implementing this plugin in a Joomla 2.5 environment using the...
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    Background image in a drop-down menu


    I am having some problems getting the background image of a drop-down menu to do what I want. The drop-down menus have different lengths, and I have a gradient image which I would like to have...
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    Need help with .htaccess file issue


    My .htaccess file is pretty complete, and has most of the security features I would like, but it is actually blocking something I need to have accessible.

    I want to block access to all xml...
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    Is there a way to do it inline and make all the...

    Is there a way to do it inline and make all the contents of the div, regardless wether they are text, image or other elements centered?
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    Centering div contents


    I am having trouble centering divs properly. The code I am using is below, but it seems redundant to me. I am sure there is a better way to do it.

    <div class="clearfix">
  9. :( Is there some other method to do it, if...


    Is there some other method to do it, if not using javascript?

    I've never used the <OBJECT> element. Is that a way to do it, and if so, how? What about <IFRAME>? Someone suggested that to...
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    Message to Pyro...please help

    I know that this is not the place to add messages, but I need your help, and I can't private message you since your mailbox is full.
  11. URGENT HELP using javascript to emulate SSI include

    I am having a major problem.

    I need to use javascript to emulate ssi include. I can't use SSI include because SSI include restrict you to the same server.

    I have 2 documents doc1.txt and...
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