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  1. Here's an update, I'm trying to declare where...

    Here's an update, I'm trying to declare where they stand in the table by using a var row_save, but it's still not working.

    <script language="JavaScript">

    // Payroll Processing Program...
  2. Using an array to do calculations with a FOR statement

    The following code won't work if you run it (if you remove the var fedTable it will).

    Basically, I need to tap into the declared array var fedTable to do withholding calculations.

    I need to...
  3. Need Assistance on Lab Project (not big but I can't seem to get it) BASIC

    This is all basic Javascript stuff, it's my introductory class but the lecturer doesn't really lecture about what we need to learn about so I'm stuck on what I need to do on the next few labs.
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