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    JQuery Image Array Click Event Problem

    Hi folks
    I'm trying to initiate a click event (and subsequent image fade in) when a user clicks on a thumbnail. That in itself isn't such a problem. The problem lies in the fact that the thumbnails...
  2. resolved

    The IDs were defined in the initial array (taken from the database).

    Have now resolved this. Was to do with closure issues in the for loop. By replacing the for loop with jquery each it seems...
  3. Jquery hover problem with array of thumbnails

    I'm having problems with a function and not sure what the answer is. The function is as follows:

    function display (array) {
    for (i=0, max = array.length; i<max; i++){
  4. Jquery click function makes images disappear

    Okay, here is the problem, the background to it is a little bit lengthy but please bear with me as I think it's probably essential to getting to the root of it.

    I'm trying to design an on-site...
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    Please ignore my previous burblings. Solved by condensing the code as below:

    //Function to make arrays the same length
    function pruneArrays(sqlData1,sqlData2, coordinates){
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    javascript function not returning value

    Apologies if I'm doing something very obviously stupid here, I'm fairly new to this sort of thing.

    What I'm basically trying to do is crop a two dimensional array of coordinates to the same...
  7. Hi, ...and thanks for getting back to me. No,...

    ...and thanks for getting back to me. No, you've got the question spot on and thanks for the answer. I originally thought I had to stick to the format I gave (the original is churned out of a...
  8. How do I count 'rows' in a two dimensional array?

    Hi folks,
    My first post on here so please go easy on me :-)

    I'm declaring a two-dimensional array like this:

    var air = new Array();
    air[0] = ['dragonfly', 'crane fly'];
    air[1] = ['eagle',...
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