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    $profile->{$key}[0]['value'] = $value;

    That worked. It was exactly what I was looking for. Not sure why I could not find this in my searches. I'll look up wrapping the var in curly braces.
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    Create object property name dynamically

    This is on a drupal 6 site.

    I need to spin through an array and set content profile properties using the $key followed by [0]['value'] = $value; I keep getting errors and can't figure out how to...
  3. replace all but alphanumeric and some punctuation

    I am trying to clean up some text that has some white space that I can't seem to get rid of. I have tried replacing \s, \t,\n, \r, \r\n etc. and that strips out most of the new lines but not all....
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    Finding latest record in joined table

    I have a user table with one record per user and a membership table with a record for each user for each year they have joined. I need a query that will find each user that is not a current member...
  5. That does the trick. Thank you very much. I think...

    That does the trick. Thank you very much. I think I made this more complicated than necessary.
  6. Did you check the permissions on the folder? Does...

    Did you check the permissions on the folder? Does the web user (maybe "nobody" or "web-data" or something else) have permission to write to the folder?
  7. [RESOLVED] Create a variable with part being dynamic

    I need to access an array value but don't know all the values to call until I get them from a different array value. I'm not explaining this well so I will show some of the code below (This is from a...
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    No PHP 5

    Thanks. Unfortunately I'm using php4 on this particular server and that is php5 + function. It looks like exactly what I need though. Appreciate the help though. I guess I should have put php4...
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    Extract Text From MySQL

    I need to export several records that have large text fields in them and import that into an Excel file. I have a script that creates a tab delimited string that then writes a text file. When...
  10. Creating Duplicate Site for Testing/Development

    I manage two different sites for one company. Each site resides on its own server (Mac XServes, Apache 1.3, php 4., mysql 4.)

    One of these sites is being converted to Drupal by another developer....
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