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    Strange error log records?

    I got a few error log messages that I'm trying to understand:

    Is it a security risk if someone accesses the Google+ API using a script hosted on my domain?

    I checked my JS file and the...
  2. Thanks for the positive reviews! Are there any...

    Thanks for the positive reviews!
    Are there any aspects of the website that you think I can improve? (other than the algorithm to calculate the relevancy of the links)
  3. Digg + Stumbleupon = Omnifeed! Try out my new site and tell me what you think

    I created this website because quite often, there are irrelevant news articles mixed in with the stuff that I want to read in my RSS reader. OmniFeed is basically an aggregator...
  4. Getting lots of followers on Twitter, Likes on Facebook, etc

    I found a great service a few days ago called YouLikeHits. What it basically does is give you points for Liking/Following other people. But when others Like/Follow you, you lose points. In three...
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    What do you look for in a news site?

    News relevant to your interests? Search? Discussions?
    What news sites do you go on? Why?

    I want to create a new social news site like Digg or Reddit (it's going to be very different; I have an...
  6. jQuery I made a 3D cube using CSS3 and jQuery, no Flash!

    Pretty cool? Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can add?

    By the way, only Webkit browsers (chrome, safari) can render the 3D cube.
  7. I might redirect the homepage to news.linksku.com...

    I might redirect the homepage to news.linksku.com instead
    I tried the site in IE8, it seems that there's a problem with Yahoo's ads (try some of the other news article that aren't from Yahoo).
  8. Redesigned my website, bounce rate is still very high.

    People said that my website, http://linksku.com/ looked spammy, so I redesigned it about 2 weeks ago. My bounce rate was about 80%, now it's about 70%, which is still very high. Also, I'm only...
  9. Starting a small web design business, how much commissions should I give?

    I plan on starting a small web design business at my school, and give commissions to my classmates who will be helping me. Basic, there's two groups: the web designers and the marketers. The...
  10. jQuery What are some cool JQuery/CSS3 effects like Google's “Barrel Roll”

    For those of you who do not know how the "Barrel roll" is done, here's the code:

    .barrel_roll {
    -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 4s ease;
  11. What's the difference between "hosting" and "cloud hosting"?

    Aren't all web hosts on the "cloud"? What's the difference between "normal" hosts and cloud hosts?
  12. Are there any computer contests that I can enter?

    I live in Canada, and there's a contest called CCC in February. If I get top 3, I will be able to get into any computer University course in Canada with scholarships easily.

    Are there any other...
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    Today, I noticed something very strange. All of...

    Today, I noticed something very strange. All of the pages that were linked to directly from the homepage (http://linksku.com/button, http://linksku.com/link/technology, http://linksku.com/about, etc)...
  14. Or the easier way is to simply download the...

    Or the easier way is to simply download the AIOSEO plugin here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wordpresscom/files/Plugins/
  15. Creating categories for my news site, I need help choosing categories

    I'm designing a news site similar to Digg.com. I will be dividing the news into categories and subcategories. Here are the categories that I can think of:

    Entertainment (including...
  16. Any suggestions?

    Any suggestions?
  17. I made a simple Javascript bookmarklet, do you like it?

    I made a Javascript bookmarklet (browser bookmark) that allows you to share links on my website, http://linksku.com
    Linksku is very similar to Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc. The only difference is...
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    OH MY GOD Google did a PageRank update last night...

    OH MY GOD Google did a PageRank update last night and now my website's PageRank is 7!!! :)

    You can check for yourself: http://linksku.com/

  19. How can I get an URL's pagerank using PHP?

    I found several scripts through Google, but none of them are working properly. They are all returning 0 for any website.

    Does anyone here know of a script that can fetch the Google PageRank of a...
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    Is there a PHP formatter for formatting PHP?

    I've searched very long for a tool that formats (indents) PHP. I found HTML, CSS, and Javascript formatters.

    Does anyone know of a PHP formatter? Preferably online.
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    Can you guys do a quick traceroute?

    My website is creating very weird errors for some people. Can you guys do a quick traceroute to linksku.com and post or PM the results?
    Thank you very much!
  22. gene438: Do you mind doing a traceroute to...

    gene438: Do you mind doing a traceroute to linksku.com? Some other users are reporting the same problem, I want to find the error. Thanks.
  23. Turns out it was a cPanel problem, I fixed it.

    Turns out it was a cPanel problem, I fixed it.
  24. Very, very strange behavior going on with my website

    I don't know what part of my website is causing this problem, so I'm posting it here.

    My website has been very unstable lately (shared). Today, I was unable to access my website,...
  25. How can I "skip" an iframe if it's not loading?

    Sometimes, an iframe's content has a redirect loop or is very slow. How can I remove the iframe after a certain amount of time if it's not loading?
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