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    Bypassing reload/resend dialogue box?

    I'm using Javascript within some PHP programs. There is a base PHP page with the logic and then a forms PHP page that is required at the end of the base PHP page to render the HTML. ...
  2. Solved

    The change Rufe0 suggested worked!

    Thanks to both of you for your assistance.
  3. I will try what Rufe0 suggested later today, but...

    I will try what Rufe0 suggested later today, but here is what you were asking about Kor:

    first, to make it clear, doc A has the php server logic and doc B renders the html and js. doc b is an...
  4. [RESOLVED] timer script does not advance timers

    I'm using javascript to create timers that will start a count down after the page is loaded. I need to do the calculation of seconds for the timers in php on the page that calls this page with the...
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    sharethis.com vs. addthis.com

    I'm looking for a service to add to my website that will allow easy sharing to social networks. sharethis.com and addthis.com appear to be two good options.

    Can anyone comment on one over the...
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    <script language="JavaScript">
    function checkForNone ( form, basename1 )
    var checkCount = 0;
    for ( var i = 1; i < 9999; ++i )
    var fld = form.elements[basename1 +...
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    testing checkboxes with variable names

    I have a form with several types of checkboxes, and I'm trying to check all but one of them to determine if any of those have been checked. I do not want to check 'all', but I want to see if any of...
  8. Long selection fields displayed as two lines

    I'm using PHP to render HTML and have a selection box with long text fields which are a combination of two fields (college name and location). An example of part of the selection box would be:...
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