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    A Schedule Module

    Dear coders,

    Here's what's required of me:

    A transportation company needs to make the next day's pickup schedule available to the employee drivers in form of an online table. Supposedly, among...
  2. [children's choir] AHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~

    Thank you so very much, mrhoo. That was beautiful.:)
  3. IE blind to event arguments passed through non-inline function calls?

    Hi all.

    A brief search for any sort of info on this didn't yield anything, so I wondered if this issue had come to anyone's attention here.
    In the following tests, a function is set to be...
  4. Yay!

    Haha! Got it!:D
    All seems to work fine now.
    Would regExp really help reduce code in this particular case though?
  5. Thank you

    Thank you for the response and the links, Kor.
    Yes! As it turned out I did neglect the main trigger event difference, which only came to my attention a couple of hours after posting. I can see from...
  6. [n00b] Input Field Character Filtering: Opera Problem

    Ladies and Gentlemen, hello. This is my first post here ever.
    The following two simple examples are to perform the same task - block numeric input in text field, except one of the works in Opera...
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