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  1. Here's what you need

    Moniste 2
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function reunat() {
    var Mario = document.getElementById("kuva1");
    var Luigi = document.getElementById("kuva2")
  2. Need souce HTML

    Disregard last post. did't see the hyperlink. Give me a few minutes and I post back the code you need

  3. Way to tell if page was loaded by 'Back' or 'Forward' button

    I am working on a plain HTML site that loads a lot of images. I've added a 'cover all' div on the page and an onload() eventhandler for every image that increments a variable. Once that variable =...
  4. How embarrassing!!! I guess I should have put my...

    How embarrassing!!! I guess I should have put my ego aside as I was Google-ing a possible solution only to find threads where the poster had forgotten to put in an ID attribute. I actually thought...
  5. [RESOLVED] Basic HTMLDOM not working in Firefox.

    I created custom visitor tracking functionality for an ASP.Net website. Although it is a .Net website, the tracking functionality is done primarily with JavaScript and AJAX (XMLHTTPRequests). Works...
  6. [RESOLVED] Mutually Exclusive Checkboxes script

    I've often wondered why radio buttons have the functionality to make a group of them mutually exclusive (only one can be selected at a time) but you can't do this with checkboxes. I've created a...
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    Looks like your domain redirects to...

    Looks like your domain redirects to www.nnkorf.globexposure.net/index.html via an asp.net transfer which by default has "Untitled Document" as the title and does not necessarily change when...
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    Adding custom attibute to html dtd.

    I trying to add an attribute to the <input> element called 'group'. I downloaded the XHTML 1.0 Transitional dtd and tried adding 'group CDATA #IMPLIED' to the <!ATTLIST block for the <!ELEMENT input...
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    My apologies Binici, looks like my previous suggestion doesn't work.(very odd only seems to set focus to textboxes) Might need to use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock method and...
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    Have you tried: Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As...

    Have you tried:

    Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    End Sub
  11. Thanks

    Awsome!!! thanks.
  12. [RESOLVED] Changing event handlers WITH arguments.

    When you create an element such as a checkbox you can set the event attribute with an argument ie <input type=checkbox id='cb1' onclick='dosometing(this)'> and the 'this' argument will pass the...
  13. Thread: Login Alert

    by davidmal

    There is really no easy or secure way to do what...

    There is really no easy or secure way to do what you want with JavaScript.
    It would be much easier and more secure to do what you are asking on the server-side as opposed to client-side scripting. ...
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    Making IE script work in Firefox.

    Can any Firefox pros tell me why this function works in IE but not Firefox?
    function addtbl()
    var mydiv = document.getElementById("d1");
    var thtm = "<table width ='100%' id='tbl" + idx +...
  15. Browser compatability issue with function (firefox)

    Can anybody tell be what object,method or function firefox is not happy with in the function below. It is called by the <body onload attribute and populates a dropdown. It's works fine in IE???
  16. My Bad Soory

    It would help if I closed the Div tag with a /div tag not a /span tag. Works now.
  17. Creating dynamic tables in a div or span. (DISREGARD Sorry!)

    I'm trying to create a utility that involves creating tables programatically. I keep coming accross two brick walls. Either the html is inserted correctly in the correct node (as viewed by...
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