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    HTML button action - Can I use Javascript?

    I wasn't sure if this should be posted in the HTML or Javascript area - myapologies for a wrong placement. Here is my question.

    I am working on a page that has an iframe that calls the following...
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    using HTML tags correctly in PHP

    I am trying to change some output text to white by doing the following:

    echo "<div class='small'><font color="FFFFFF">$m_text</font></div>\n";

    but those double quotes around FFFFFF are...
  3. Moo Tolls Accordion - Activating element from another page?

    I implemented an accordion to enhance a page using the moo tools library...

    This accordion has multiple items in it. What I would like to do is... from another (any) page on the site - use...
  4. nail on the head... thanks!

    nail on the head... thanks!
  5. Maybe I just won't do that then... I thought it...

    Maybe I just won't do that then... I thought it would be better - guess not though.

    Anyways... what about the cookie thing? anyone have any ideas?
  6. No... maybe I wasn't clear. I guess in the end......

    No... maybe I wasn't clear. I guess in the end... is there any way not to display the page file name in the address bar.

    If the contact.php was in the site root for example... I would want the...
  7. Questions about Clean URLs and Cookies...

    I have two questions... hopefully this is the right forum for them... I apologize in advance if they are not.

    1) Concerning Clean URLs... I assume we have all seen (mainly on CMS and BLOG sites)...
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    Thanks! Seems to work fine now. Much appreciated!...

    Thanks! Seems to work fine now. Much appreciated!

    Now hopefully it functions well in my Wordpress blog!
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    Simple form calculator issues

    I am so close to having this mini form "calculator" finished... but I am stummped.

    I made a calculator to approximate the specific gravity of Sucrose in a solution at 20 deg. C

    Equation: X *...
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