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    PHP logic code

    I am working on the logic code which returns the values proper as needed combining 1,2,3 arrays.
    But it gives result as combining first two results as well which is not required.
  2. get only first coulmn to concat with each second column rows from csv file using php



    I have the below code to fetch csv file data:

    if ($_FILES["file"]["error"] > 0)
  3. Hello all, Below is the code which I have...

    Hello all,

    Below is the code which I have tried so far and returns the output which I wanted.

    But now the case is that the files are been uploaded from .csv file.
    I want the fetch data...
  4. Extract data from csv file with different permutation


    I have a issue to extract csv data with different permutation.
    Below are the conditions:

    TO extract csv file,1 row as one sentence
    To extract csv file data as one row data which has...
  5. Fetch data from google spread-sheet with each row as a single sentence

    Hi all,

    I am going through a very critical situation where I cannot find bright ideas to work upon.
    1. I have an google spread sheet which contains few rows and columns.
    2. I want to combine the...
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    Adding content icon for toggle effect

    Hello all,

    I am quite new in the world of css and js So, if some could please help me out with code below.
    I am working on js toggle effect and it works perfectly fine with icon(image).
    Below is...
  7. javascript validation errors to be displayed after each textbox

    Hello all,
    I am quite stuck with the validation part with different requirement in validation. Below is the list which i am working for my application module:
    a. Form will consist of two input...
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    Multiple delete through checkout

    I am stuck in one of my application module. I have to set multiple delete option in my application.
    I have used the below code. The designing is perfectly fine. All what i want to...
  9. Update hide field only when "close" drop down selected

    Hello to all,
    I am updating a dropdown option field. But when i choose "Close" option then a textbox field with the current date appears.
    Below is the code for it:

  10. fetch current date record of dd/mm/yyyy format in php mysql

    Hello experts,

    I am stuck with an query. Actually i want to fetch current date records from my database and the below code probably fetches all my current date records. But it fetches in d/m/y...
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