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  1. fancybox.js / reveal.js conflict on iPad

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading. I have a few fancybox.js galleries placed inside of a reveal.js presentation. Everything works fine on desktop, but the galleries are a mess on touch devices;...
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    serialScroll.js solutions and left over problems

    Ive been able to fix some of the issues mentioned below, but am having some outstanding problems, mainly with controlling the slide pane from within itself, IE- I would like to have "back and next"...
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    jQuery serialscroll.js issue

    Thank you in advance for looking at this. I implemented serialScroll.js on the following site; http://creativetime.org/programs/archive/2010/ABMB2010/ Its working pretty well except the following 3...
  4. Sorry if Im not implementing this properly. Im...

    Sorry if Im not implementing this properly. Im attaching a screengrab of the error Im getting.

    Thanks again,
  5. Ill try both methods out- and thanks again for...

    Ill try both methods out- and thanks again for the input. The mapping is handled by li id's using a jQuery script called Serial Slide. I dont think it will be effected. Will let you know the results...
  6. I tried the first method and it returned an error...

    I tried the first method and it returned an error in following place;

    <script type=text/javascript>
    window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    function () {
  7. Thanks for your reply, I had the nested...

    Thanks for your reply, I had the <p> nested inside the <li> to begin with, but then the text faded as well as the background. I need the type to remain bright white all the way through. Would either...
  8. Loosing hover .js because of with higher z-index

    I have a series of spans each with; 1. a background image, 2. a .js rollover and, 3. Two lines of html wrapped in a <p> tag.

    The javascript fade is perfect, except when you mouse over the html...
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    Perfect! Thank you thank you.
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    Clearing Cookie

    This file sets/ retrieves a cookie, "counter" and passes the value (=page visits)to Flash using flashvars. I want the cookie to delete on visit number 4 and then reset itself on the following visit,...
  11. Problem solved in Flash

    The actionscript was incorrect. Please see below. After several weeks of trial and error, I believe this, in conjunction with my prevous post, is the simplest way to pass a cookie value to Flash on...
  12. Handling a javascript variable with Flash

    The following bit of javascript writes and retrieves a cookie which counts a users visits to the page. Then using swfobject it both embeds main_banner.swf and passes the cookie value "visits" to it...
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    SWF actionscript

    I thought I should post this as well. This is the code in the root of the swf itself. The quoted text refers to frame labels on the main timeline.

    var visits: String ="1,2,3,4";

    if (visits ==...
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    Correct incorrect code

    I apologize. I had posted a previous version of the file and I am no longer able to edit the post. Here is the correct code for the same problem.



    <!-- COOKIE...
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    Flashvars problem

    Thanks in advance for looking at this. I am trying to direct users to a specific frame number within an embedded .swf file based on a cookie value. The cookie and the .swf work fine independently,...
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    Thanks criterion9, Unfortunately I have no...

    Thanks criterion9, Unfortunately I have no experience using flashvars- I started digging around and it seems like another fine way to go about it, but I would rather not tread into unfamiliar...
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    Flash Method Trouble

    Im having trouble with a pecific part of the file below. I explain a bit in a comment where the problem is occuring. The code sets a cookie which counts user visits, which works fine. Then the value...
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