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  1. Auto Form Post to display all search results?

    I'm new to javascript but had a question about a form I was working on.
    I have a simple search form that users can utilize to search for products on a site. My question, is there a way to have it...
  2. Thanks, onclick="var win1=window.open(this.href,...

    Thanks, onclick="var win1=window.open(this.href, 'win1', ''); win1.focus(); return false;" works nicely for me and if anyone else needs to do the same thing....just change the win1 for separate links.
  3. Inline Javascript to open window and check its already open

    Hi, thanks for the help in advance. I'm more of a web designer but I have an issue that's stumping me.

    Scenario: If a user clicks on a link that links needs to open in a new window, but if...
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