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    Curl to assume the client session

    I want to make a curl call to another application on the same server, and have the curl call to to have the same login session as the user.

    Is this possible?
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    and thank you

    and thank you
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    Ahh, sorry.. Embarrassed.

    Ahh, sorry.. Embarrassed.
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    Access object within object

    I am converting an json associative array to an object.

    I can access all values in this object fine, apart from other objects within it.

    The object looks like this when i console.log(obj):

  5. Perfect, thanks

    Perfect, thanks
  6. Can a class catch a function call, when it doesn't contain the function?

    So I i had a class like:

    class testClass{


    and i created an object of this class:

    $test = new testClass();
  7. Detect if a browser supports XMLHTTPRequest upload.addEventListener("progress")

    I am adding an upload progress bar to my site and making use of the 'progress' eventListener of the HTML5 file API.

    Can anyone explain what would happen if the browser did not support this...
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    File Upload Progress

    I'm currently using APC to check on the progress of file uploads.

    I've noticed a lot of the big sites, like r@p1dshare, don't make ajax calls while files are uploading?

    How are they checking...
  9. Forward domain name to ip with masking, but still show extensions

    I have bought a domain name to point to my hosting server. I'm forwarding it to the ip with masking. The problem is, now the url only shows the root domain name:


    and i...
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    Mysql if in select query problem

    I'm trying to build a single select statement, that will all build totals for various dates. Here is what i have:

    if(date = '2011-08-16', sum(rev),0) as...
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    Convert post array back into html form

    I know this sounds easy, but i want to account for nested arrays.

    So the orginal posted form may be like so:

    <form name='test_form' action='POST'>
    <input name='name[first]' value='joe'>
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    I figured out it was caused by my server having...

    I figured out it was caused by my server having get_magic_quotes_gpc() enabled.

    I fixed it by using: stripslashes($_COOKIE['cookie_name'])

    Or if you have alternating server configs, you can...
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    Can't decode json array stored in cookie

    Hi, I am storing a json array in a cookie.

    I later want to reassemble this array.

    The json value in the cookie looks like this:


    When i...
  14. .htaccess file to remove everything but domain name from displaying


    I am trying to write an htaccess file so that if i type in:


    It will display in the url bar:

  15. Query to condense all rows with same date

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone could help.

    I am trying to write a query that will pull results from a table, but condense each row by date.

    So that if the table had 3 colums (id, num, date). I...
  16. Regex remove all but alpha numeric and -_

    Hi, I would like to remove all chars but alpha numeric and _- from a string.

    I have got this so far:

    preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]/', '', $string)

    But i don't know how to leave in - and _
  17. Hotlink jquery.js file from googleapis.com or host file locally?


    This is just a matter of best-practice, but i'm wondering whether it is best to host the jquery.js file locally, or to hotlink directly to the file on googleapis.com.

    I personally prefer to...
  18. Thank you so much. That works perfectly and is...

    Thank you so much. That works perfectly and is exactly what I was after :)
  19. Access files outside of document tree in wamp

    Hi, I am hosting a website using wamp.

    I would like to be able to access files outside of the c:/wamp/www folder, while still maintaining system security.

    So, say i wanted to access an image,...
  20. How to create an input field that doesn't get prepopulated by the browser??

    Hi, I have a problem whereby a form input field gets populated each time i land on the page.

    Is there a way to make sure it doesn't get populated. Would be nice not to have to js for this one.
  21. If anyone is interested, i solved it by simply...

    If anyone is interested, i solved it by simply checking if the request was made via an ajax call in my check_logged_in function:

  22. Problem redirecting to login page if user session has expired while making ajax calls

    Hi, my website checks if the user is logged in each time a page is loaded by checking a cookie which is placed.

    My problem occurs when i make ajax calls to functions in the framework when the...
  23. Problem poping new window using setTimeout

    It is actually a form that i am submitting with target='_blank'.

    I want to submit the form into a new window, after a delay, and st the smae time redirect the original window to another page.
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    Thanks for the response. I don't think i'm able...

    Thanks for the response. I don't think i'm able to use opendir. I will instead use the php ftp functions. Although i worry a little about resource time, if i'm opening up lots of ftp connections all...
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    opendir() on an external server

    Hi, I want to be able to check a directory on a different server from where i'm hosting my site.


    Is this even possible? I am currently getting...
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