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  1. Buying a(n almost expired) taken domain name.

    This may seem a novice question, but I've never bought a 'taken' domain name before, only new... This domain is about to expire, so how do I go about buying it?

    The domain has no website...
  2. Website Directory (Multi level categories with relevant links)

    Thanks for the reply, but I think my title is a little ambiguous. When I mention template for directory, I mean as in a website directory, a list of categorised links relating to one subject (like...
  3. Free 'asp.net Directory Templates... do they exist?


    I would like to create a directory, more of a hobby really (i know there are already millions!). I wondered if anyone knew of an open source free directory template written in asp.net I could...
  4. Thread: Search Forms

    by duckodil

    Sorry ... ignore this

    Sorry ... ignore this
  5. Thanks guys... Ive put runat="server" and ~/...

    Thanks guys...

    Ive put runat="server" and ~/ where needed and created master pages for the different layouts... great advice!

    I still had trouble with the paths for the jQuery scripts as...
  6. [RESOLVED] How do I get root paths working in both a local and a live environment?


    I have an asp.net site, all the pages are at root level and paths in the aspx and css files are relative.

    Current relative stylesheet Implementation
    <link rel="StyleSheet"...
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