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  1. Hi Ribs, Thanks again for you help. Yes, if...

    Hi Ribs,

    Thanks again for you help.

    Yes, if I set the SessionState mode to "Off" or "InProc" etc the error does not occur.

    The connection string is valid as I have no problem querying my...
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I believe...

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I believe that both servers were/are using IIS7, as I said I have a feeling the Application Pool Mode on the production server was set to "Classic" - Now I...
  3. Found a Fix (Sort-of)

    I found a work-around - The Application Pool mode on my production server was set to "classic" and the Application Pool mode on my machine (by default) was set to "Integrated", by changing this to...
  4. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

    I am writing a ASP.NET (C#) web application. I am using a custom MySQL session provider (session provider class)

    It works great on my production server, but I'm trying to get it to work on my...
  5. You are Awesome

    Hey Eval,

    You are Awesome, Awesome 2

    That worked like a charm, you are a genius.

    Thanks so much.

    Happy New Year!!
  6. [RESOLVED] Split a entry of ids and get associated results

    Hi All,

    Happy Holidays

    I have a situation where I need or want to have a table that contains lists structured like this:

    list_id: int (11) - Primary Key
    list_name: varchar(50)...
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    CKEditor Locking code

    Hi Guys,

    I am wanting to be able to lock peices of code within the CKEditor so that code around it can be edited but code that is locked is read-only.

    Possibly using code like this:

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for that what i'm aiming to do is create a easy SQL database class this class includes a query function this function splits the query string by ';' and exetues each query if the...
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    ASP.NET C# Multiple possible return types

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm wanting to create a fuction that has 2 or more possible return types if thats possible. I.E

    public String, Boolean testfunction(string input, string...
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    Hi, From the looks of of the e-commerce system...


    From the looks of of the e-commerce system on the website looks like a package you have downloaded. The stylesheet for the e-commerce part of the site has a predefined font-size in its body...
  11. Thread: Regex Problem

    by neaox

    Regex Problem

    Hi Everyone,

    Im having a little problem with a peice of regex im trying to write... im a profficent coder when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and AS2/AS3 but the one thing that still trips...
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