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  1. Problem updating new stage image (shooter game),

    I got 1 problem when i try to get from my homescreen to the playscreen by an image.onclick function i get the next error:
    Unable to get image data from canvas because the canvas has been tainted by...
  2. I see what u did there :p I placed after this...

    I see what u did there :p I placed after this post a new one with the code.. Hope u can see it
  3. Error loading multiple backgrounds to canvas

    :confused:My problem is, i got a shooter game and i want a homescreen, with a startbutton and when u die an endscreen. But when I am in the homescreen and try to press the button (doesnt matter where...
  4. shooting js error code (loading startscreen)

    So I am new here.. and i will try to explain this problem I am having.

    I am making a 2d shooter game with easeljs and my code, character, already knows how to shoot, delete enemy from stage when...
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