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  1. NM, I finally figured out the problem. All I need...

    NM, I finally figured out the problem. All I need to do was reorganize the pages in the .htaccess file so that pages in a folder are above others. Example:

    Redirect 301 /old-folder/old-page...
  2. 301 redirects for pages within folders and with no extension

    I recently moved my website off of Wordpress and it's now just an HTML site on Linux. I'm having a lot of trouble setting up 301 redirects in my .htaccess file. For some reason pages within folders...
  3. How to create a modal/pop-up window upon certain action

    Is there any way to create a Modal window that appears when someone is about to leave a my website? I would like to try and gather feedback from visitors leaving a particular page that has a very...
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