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  1. interaction among javascript, shell and php

    I create a html page with some javascript inside, and a php script(getdata.php) I put them on a local apache server

    I have written a shell script to:

    start tcpdump and then open the local html...
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    passing large data to php server

    I have a javascript script which obtains a lot of data
    about 20 variables, 2 arrays with hundreds of or even more than 1000 elements.
    I want to pass these values to a php server and let php server...
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    poll in javascript

    I'm using youtube api to get to know when a video is fully buffered

    when the fraction is 1, the video is fully buffered
    but I have to poll this function to check...
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    I just want to use youtube API to get some...

    I just want to use youtube API to get some statistics information and log these information
    but I can't use javascript to create files for logging these information on client side, so someone...
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    it is running, but the browser has some settings...

    it is running, but the browser has some settings that disallow it to access localhost
    I'm just wondering whether it is possible to log client information to the server sql database if I use...
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    access local html page through "file:///"

    I installed LAMP
    and I want to use ajax to write some client information into mysql server on the server side.
    I want to test a anonymous browser.
    however, with this browser, pages like...
  7. setting up a webserver and use ajax/javascript to send logs to the server

    I want to investigate youtube streaming quality using youtube APIs like the following https://developers.google.com/youtube/js_api_reference

    Using these APIs, the values of quality metrics will be...
  8. I make a html file called test.html, and then I...

    I make a html file called test.html, and then I use firefox to open it, but I can't find any cookies related to my script on firefox, what is wrong with my html and javascript code?

  9. how to set cookies on browser through javascript

    when I surf http://www.youtube.com/html5/?gl=FR&hl=fr
    and click "join youtube html5"
    I will notice that the visit creates a cookie on my firefox browser

    the information is as follows, where...
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