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  1. Javascript form validation only works once, corrected errors remain.

    Hi list,

    I have a simple page with a form a a Javascript formvalidation function. The first time when I fill in the fields errors like 'too long' are neatly displayed but once corrected the...
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    Needs help with a regular expression

    Hi list,

    For many hours now I tried to construct a regular exprsession to verify that a string:

    Is divided in substrings of maximum 8 characters (qualifiers) separated by a dot '.'
    All first...
  3. Formvalidation problem Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevente

    Hi list,

    I have a form validation function that produces an error on the web console of Firefox:

    Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead.

    I dont use use...
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    Shortened question

    Hi list,

    I received the function valf (below) from this forum and it works fine. But when I added the part:

    ]else if(elems[i].length>8)
    td.innerHTML='<-- too long';...
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    Form validation error to cell in table fails

    Hi list,

    I posted a similar thread yesterday and there was a posting that worked first time apart that I can not add controls.

    Without the piece I added everything works fine, so the question...
  6. Thank you very very much. I was amazed but it...

    Thank you very very much. I was amazed but it worked first time.
  7. How to display a formvalidation() error in a table cell?

    Hi list,

    I am looking for a long time now about writing the error the formvalidation script founds in the form which consists of table.

    For example if userid or group (first td) id emty (td2) I...
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