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    .htaccess and mod rewrite

    I'm having a bit of a problem. For a recent project I recently converted all the content on a .asp website to MODX and they had a Google search. Google has indexed their page "search.asp" and it is...
  2. New web design/structure and Google Site search

    I have a client that uses a simple javascript code to allow visitors to search their website using Google. I've recently redesigned their website and it appears there are some old pages that are...
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    .htaccess - 301 redirect with variables

    Hello, How can I do a mod rewrite so I can redirect old urls with variables to new pages. For example here is the code that is not working with variables in them. Here you can see the variable "id"...
  4. Setting up MX records for GMail email forwarding on my website

    Please see the attached image which shows the MX records I created on my virtual dedicated server in Plesk. Is this setup correctly to point to use GMail email for my website domain?

    When I test...
  5. Point GoDaddy Domain to Virtual Dedicated Server (Plesk)

    My domain name hairlossmall.com is currently pointing to a server which is really slow. I want to point it to my new virtual dedicated server, and I've followed directions but its not working and...
  6. any ideas?

    any ideas?
  7. WordPress: Question about NextGen gallery plugin

    I just installed the NextGen photo gallery and it takes two steps to get the the gallery, for example:


    if you click on the first thumbnail it goes...
  8. How best to store this table in MySQL and print it with PHP?

    I've searched the web trying to find examples of how to store tabular data in MySQL and loop through the rows to assemble a table using PHP, but no luck.

    Here is a sample of my Excel file that I...
  9. I love Windows 7, but hate doing web development on it.

    Ive been running Windows 7 for 10 months now maybe and I love it... Except I hate to do my web dev work on it due to admin permissions/file permissions.

    Yes I am an administrator on the computer....
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    Excel Tables To MS Word

    Sorry to ruin the fun in here, but there didn't appear to be any appropriate place to put this in.

    I have a project where I am getting 1,500 Excel tables. The tables need to be formatted and...
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    jQuery any idea what would make jquery take forever to...

    any idea what would make jquery take forever to load in the browser when the page is refreshed?
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    jQuery Infinite Page Loading

    I've used and modified the jQuery Multi Part form, so that it has 2 pages instead of 3. Apparently I may have missed something and the script causes the page to run and run if you try to refresh or...
  13. jQuery [Validate] certain fields with a function in a multipart form

    I have a simplified version below of a multipart form. There are two steps and two tabs. I want the user to enter their username and email address and click 'Next' which will validate to make sure...
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    Yea this should be moved to General forum, my...

    Yea this should be moved to General forum, my mistake
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    Magento: Configurable Product Problem

    Hello :)

    Several times I have tried to setup a configurable product within my Magento store (v, I followed the instrustions from the tutuorial and also logged into the demo store to...
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    ok I got this figured out but I have a new issue:...

    ok I got this figured out but I have a new issue:

    i added a few product attributes, then try to add a new product and I dont see my attributes when adding a new product. however when adding a new...
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    Magneto & product attributes

    I am new to Magento and have to setup a series of lightbulbs in a shopping cart with different attributes.

    I setup a rough HTML mockup of two products:

  18. Microsoft Word Mail Merge -- Excel Database

    Not really sure where to put this, mods feel free to move somewhere else if appropriate.

    I am pulling info out of my database and inserting it into Microsoft Excel to use as a mail merge for a...
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    jQuery Yea "none" is the original setting for hidden...

    Yea "none" is the original setting for hidden tabs, however, if you want to have any dynamic content like jQuery Flot or Google Maps, the "none" attribute breaks the script for that content, so the...
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    jQuery Tabs -- Long content in hidden tabs

    I am using jQuery tabs and when I have very long content within the tabs, my browsers scroll bar reflects the content in the tab with the most content.

    Example, "Tab 1" & "Tab 3" has a very long...
  21. yea looking into that... kinda hard a few clients...

    yea looking into that... kinda hard a few clients are using those bogus blacklists.. darn europeans!
  22. Business Email Account vs. Email Marketing Question

    We have 4 sales people with name@mywebsite.com. Our sales reps use this email to follow up with clients.

    We also do email marketing (CANN spam compliant) to our customers.

    What is the best...
  23. jQuery Validate -- how to require series of checkboxes when named as array[]

    I have a working example of jQuery validate working in the link below. The newsletter checkbox is required and working. However, the "colors" checkboxes are all named as an array ( ex: name="color[]"...
  24. jQuery Found a great solution to this here: ...

    Found a great solution to this here:

  25. jQuery I'm still working on this and Im getting there...

    I'm still working on this and Im getting there but Im having a hard time with the syntax of a function in jQuery. In the commented code below, I tried to write it out.... if the checkbox "other" is...
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