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  1. Create and embed a chatroon on your website - Free.

    Dear forum,

    We've recently built a system(web application) where you can create a chatroom and embed it on your website, in a simple manner, all free. It requires no plugins to run(no flash/java)....
  2. Dear All, Thanks for your replies. I have...

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your replies. I have already contacted a group of friendly software developers and we are just starting negotiating 'work for shares' deal.

    Thanks again, your input was...
  3. Overwhelmed by demand on my new web application

    Dear Forum,

    I have started a project on my own called e-chat. It turned out that the demand for the online platform is high.

    Unfortunately the platform i'm planning to build is too difficult...
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    Review our new chat website

    Dear Forum,

    We have recently built an online chat website.

    We would like to ask you to review it, with the emphasis on simplicity and usefulness of the website. In particular, we would like to...
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