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  1. Thread: Delete Thread

    by the_hero

    Delete Thread

    I searched the FAQ and found that I can delete a post if there is an edit button next to it. My thread doesn't have an edit button.

    I have an old thread I started that has some info my employer...
  2. Still need the input fields

    Thanks, this is an elegant solution, but I still need the input fields as the data will be populated from a database and the changes will be submitted to the database.
  3. Need help isolating a feature from several javascript/css features on a single page.

    I have a web site builder tool where customers can build their own websites. I am trying to create an easy way for them to edit their left navigation stack. I have found the following code at this...
  4. How do you create a transparent layer over a table that has a link?

    I have multiple areas of our site that i want to appear innactive until the user clicks on it, then it appears active.

    To pull this off, i need a code that will make a table or a cell or a div...
  5. Thanks for your help! I'll continue to look...

    Thanks for your help! I'll continue to look around. I haven't found these options available for form menus, other menus yes, but not for form menus so far.
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    We are basically doing this with one of our...

    We are basically doing this with one of our applications. All you need is to work with iframes.


    <a class="style677" href="dyna_design.jsp" target="target_frame"...
  7. Option Drop Down Menu, Interesting Idea Help

    I have your average basic drop down menu.

    I have two questions:

    1. Every drop down menu shows the first option on top and when clicked reveals the other options. Well, I don't like the old ugly...
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    What is in this function call?

    I have a function called InsertSmiley. It inserts an image into a text editor. I got all the source code for this from FCKeditor. I am going to be playing around a little with the call of this...
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    Pass a variable to the url

    I have a few java variables server side that i need to pass to the url to be able to use them client side, such as using them with javascript.

    How can I pass a databean variable to the...
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    Okay, I got it working. Thank you for your help....

    Okay, I got it working. Thank you for your help. This is what I changed:

    <%@ include file="/../includes/instant_sites_edit1.jsp" %>

    I just added another "/" before the "../". Never had it do...
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    Thank you for your comments. I'm in this forum...

    Thank you for your comments. I'm in this forum because my post for some reason was taken out of the HTML forum.

    I tried your siggestions and it didn't work. I'm not sure what is causing the 0002...
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    Include File String Error

    I have a question about some coding. I have a webpage with an include file coded as follows:

    <%@ include file="../includes/instant_sites_top_edit.jsp" %>

    After I upload and then view the page...
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