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  1. jQuery Thanks, refreezed. I figured out the bug that...

    Thanks, refreezed.

    I figured out the bug that I mentioned in my last post. The problem lay in how I calculated the new element widths when close to the right side of the browser. Rather than...
  2. jQuery @refreezed, what a quick reply - and thanks a...

    @refreezed, what a quick reply - and thanks a bunch! That was exactly the problem. Here are the updated jsfiddle and live demo links:

  3. jQuery Update: Here's a live working demo of the page. ...

    Update: Here's a live working demo of the page. You can experience the bug on this demo - just drag .dragbar to the right past the edge of the browser.


  4. jQuery [RESOLVED] Debugging and Optimizing a Short JQuery Code

    Since frames will not be allowed in HTML 5, I'm working on creating a frame-like interface with CSS and JQuery. However, I'm a noob to Javascript and JQuery, and I'm having some trouble debugging a...
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    A suggestion from a semi-newbie ...

    Get yourself started by going to the excellent site, www.HTMLDog.com. It is entertaining, and if you follow the directions and begin at the beginning of the tutorial, you will find yourself sliding...
  6. Some ideas...

    Way cool!

    I really like how the header expands and contracts depending on the size of he browser window. And the pages as a whole look like they're smaller at the bottom than at the top - whether...
  7. Thanks

    Thanks, Dasher and Charles!

    Your posts were quite instructional; I learned a lot from them.

    I ended up merely assigning a variable to the data directly from the table, and then formatting it...
  8. Glad to Be of Use

    No problem! Glad I could help.
  9. Two things to note -

    1. Don't forget to back up your previous code!

    2. The styles I proposed will require that the webpage be always the height of the browser window; no less, even if the content is less.

  10. Some suggestions...


    First off, I was going to suggest that you add closing slashes to your meta, link, and img tags (to make it validate), but you've done that since I last looked at your page!

    Try replacing...
  11. [RESOLVED] Mysql Timestamp and PHP - Best way to display time

    I have searched the Net and come up empty-handed; I wonder if anyone here could assist me in resolving this issue.

    I would like the data stored in a MySQL TIMESTAMP field to be called and...
  12. Thanks for the assessment

    Thanks for your time and input, Eye for Video. I guess it's not a big problem.
  13. The link...

    Sorry... here's the link: http://www.defendersoftruth.com/media/media.shtml.

    You'll notice - if you click "Home" that the home page does not blink. Also, try refreshing the media page several...
  14. [RESOLVED] Why does my web page refresh immediately after it loads?

    This question is directed toward all those perfectionists who nitpick over the most minute details of their website.

    Why do my web pages, both .html and .php, refresh themselves immediately after...
  15. $result was false and problem was rooted in wrong tablename


    You were right on - twice! After implementing the error checks that you reccommended, I discovered that $result was indeed false. The error message, however, led me to the solution - I...
  16. [RESOLVED] Supplied Argument not Valid Mysql Resource

    Hey, guys!

    I'm working on a script to grab data from a row in a database based on the id of the row (which automatically increments).

    The script will grab a number from the URL (7 in...
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    Does the layout of your site depend on Javascript?

    Say, refhat,

    I was wondering - does your website layout depend significantly on javascript?

    Javascript is not a server-side script like PHP, and therefore even though most visitors have...
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    You're welcome!

    Glad I could help. Hope everything turns out well.
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    possible suggestion...

    Does this attachment have the effect you want? If not, please clarify.

    (Save the attachment to your desktop, then open it and click Save As, then rename it: "myhtml.html." Then, open the .html...
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    Could you attach the .html file to a post and...

    Could you attach the .html file to a post and upload it, as well as the css? Might be useful.

    That way we could pull up the site in our own browsers and gain a better understanding of the problem.
  21. Try this code...


    One major problem with your code is the use of tables. Tables are, well, outdated; everything that can be done with tables can be done with css and almost always with a lot less code....
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    refhat: Would there be a problem with posting...


    Would there be a problem with posting the URL of your site? Might help in analyzing the problem simply because we could see the problem.

    Mr. Baggins
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    Some suggestions...

    Just noticed your thread. I looked at your site (07-27-10) and have some suggestions.

    The best part of your site is the uniformity in style between pages. It is very professional to keep the...
  24. BlackReefDesign, I found the correct link: ...


    I found the correct link: http://gem-tech.com.mytempweb.com/store/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=14.

    (Posting your problem on two different forums is a great solution!)
  25. BlackReefDesign (like your name) There may be...

    BlackReefDesign (like your name)

    There may be something wrong with my computer, but the link you posted doesn't seem to be working.
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