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    Link not showing at bottom of page

    I've tried to insert a privacy link at the bottom of this page but it is not showing.

    This is the script I've tried to use for the link.

    <div id="privacy">We respect your <a...
  2. Thanks, works perfectly!

    Thanks, works perfectly!
  3. How do I make this link look more like a link?

    I want to make the link "Quick Enter Your Email For The 7 Golden Rules Video Presentations" at the bottom of my web page look more like a link, i.e. underlined and blue. Whilst keeping the text the...
  4. Does Statbrain work properly for anyone else?

    I want to check the demographics of this website , using Statbrain , but whenever I enter a site it says it should take around 60 seconds, but ends up waiting in a huge que that never moves.

  5. Where is a good place online to advertise web design locally

    I basically want to offer local businesses a basic wordpress setup for $300 if they want it customized i'll charge more.

    I've advertised on Gumtree yesterday but have only had 7 visits, can...
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    Web design needs something a bit extra

    I'm designing a website for a clients mobile phone repair store, they are happy so far with the structure and layout.

    But they are looking for something a bit extra, as it looks a bit boring at...
  7. Works perfectly, thank you very much:)!

    Works perfectly, thank you very much:)!
  8. How do I create a dashed box for my opt in form?

    I want to create a plain dashed box for the opt in form on this site howto-buildmuscles.com/ to replace the gradient box, just like in the picture I have attached, how do I do this?

    Here is my...
  9. How do I increase the length of this template?

    I'm using a wordpress theme called mansion, here is the site I've setup, http://whitemountain-shoes.com/ the layout only fills half the screen, I want to fill it with more photos for each page.
  10. Is there anyone good with designing sites for wordpress?

    I am constructing this website http://www.clogs-forwomen.com , for wordpress, I initially tried setting this up with css3, but it is not compatible with IE, particularly older IE browsers.

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    Design theme for wordpress and IE problem

    I'm designing this site http://www.clogs-forwomen.com in wordpress , the site pretty looks how I want it to in firefox and safari. But with IE and particarly older versions of IE things like the menu...
  12. What is the best way to go about creating a ratings website?

    I want to create a website where users can submit a list of something specific e.g. the user submits a list of his favorite movies, and the other users rates it out of of ten. Then it goes onto a...
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    Unobtrusive Youtube video

    Is there a way I can include youtube videos in my website so that they are unobtrusive?
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    Question for freelance web designers

    I've thought about cleverly composing an email and sending it to local businesses in my area offering them web sites at a decent price, do you think this could be work?, I thought it would be better...
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    Unobtrusive drop down menu

    Does anyone know where I could download an unobtrusive javascript drop down menu with rollovers? or could anyone create one for me with a gradient design? My email is fjwarnock @ yahoo.co.uk .
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    What exactly is progressive enhancement?

    How would you include progressive enhancement into a website? are there any good examples of websites that have done this?
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    What is WCAG 1.0/2.0 exactly?

    I'm designing a site for a client and he wants it to be WCAG 1.0/2.0, I know it used so it can be accessible to people with disabilities. Do you need to include a certain type of code in the website...
  18. How do I create a dynamic background in dreamweaver css?

    I want to create a dynamic background for a website I'm designing so the image can adjust itself to any user resolution, like this site scroll to the bottom and you'll see the graphic with the trees...
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    Need career advice

    I am building a web design portfolio, I want to get atleast five clients freelancing before I apply to design companies to put in my portfolio, to give me more of a realistic chance of getting a web...
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    Flash photo galleries

    I'm designing a site for a kitchen designer, I want to include a gallery that you can go through and when you open the photo you get the high resolution picture. Is there an easy way I can integrate...
  21. How do I connect a dreamweaver web form to PHPlist?

    I am creating a mailing list for a client which will collect customers emails and addresses through a webform I will create in Dreamweaver.

    I have setup a mail list using PHPlist on my server,...
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    Internet Explorer is #$#@

    My spry menu for this website I am designing, works fine in Safari and Firefox, but for some reason is not showing properly in Internet Explorer, anyone know why?

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    No need for any further help, I have sorted the...

    No need for any further help, I have sorted the problem out.
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    Yes, I uploaded the SpryAssets folder and its...

    Yes, I uploaded the SpryAssets folder and its files.
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    Spry menu wont work when uploaded to server

    I've just designed a website in Dreamweaver, and have used a spry menu for navigation, I'm using a mac, and the spry menu works fine when previewed in Safari and Firefox offline. But now that I have...
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