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  1. Javascript/Jscript.NET :How do I append a string to search query only once?

    The code is JScript .NET, which is basically a .NET version of Javascript.Regardless of language, Anyone with appending type of skill can answer my question

    The problem is, when I keep issuing the...
  2. This is purely for my own PC. If my...

    This is purely for my own PC.

    If my family members open google and type xxxxxxxxxx or something in the search box this text(-torrent-download-watch) should to automatically added but with an...
  3. modifying Google Search to make results intentionally inaccurate

    I already made a post at Superuser http://superuser.com/questions/800325/how-to-make-google-search-look-dumb

    I will summerize here:

    [1] http://i.stack.imgur.com/ZN60B.jpg

    My point is i do...
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