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  1. How to find "printfriendly"-service specific CSS?

    Lets start at first with a sample page (it is in german but it doesn't matter):

  2. Thank you, but two more questions: 1.) When I...

    Thank you, but two more questions:

    1.) When I look at


    Shouldn't the forward slash be marked too like in:

  3. Yes, I know, this all. However I have no...

    Yes, I know, this all.

    However I have no access to HTML source.
    So I need to modify the HTML in loaded browser by DOM Javascript.

    If its easier for you then think of a corresponding XML...
  4. Need help to find element tag combination and delete certain parts

    1.) Assume I have a (HTML) page which contains none, one or more occurencies of

  5. How to iterate over all .... elements on a webpage?

    I would like to change something at all <textarea ....>....</textarea> elements reps their content of a webpage.

    How do I iterate with a loop over all these elements with JavaScript?

  6. Replies

    How to insert this text node?

    Assume I have a HTML code similar to:

    <div class="aaa bbb ccc">
    <p class="text">....</p>
    <p class="text">....</p>
    <p class="text">....</p>

    Now I want to add at the bottom of...
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