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  1. How do I email (with javascript) html that doesnt' appear as tags?

    I have a webpage that shows a table (actually an asp.net gridview with several rows in different colors). I had the idea of putting an EMAIL button on the page, which would open the user's email...
  2. Thanks!

  3. How do I find height of browser web-page area?

    I have an image that I set to have a width of 100%. I want it to be no higher than the screen height. Its inside a div which itself has no height limit set.
    So I thought I could set the image...
  4. Making text wrap around a javascript object

    I bought a javascript slideshow, and embedded it in my page as follows:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/jaboevent/js/slideshow.js"></script>
    This scroller shows images that fade out to be...
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