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  1. Poll: Html Creative refers to two others in a container

    In fact, sorttable.js is included only once in two othes html CreativePouhons.html and Inventairesdesoeuvres.html in a a container. In this two subcreatives, sorttable.js is well included only once,...
  2. Poll: No.

    No. <script src="/javascripts/sorttable.js"></script> appears only one time in the <head> part of the HTML file. I have verified it by a search. How did you note that sorttable.js was included...
  3. Poll: Return

    Did you note that that there is a return statement in each {} so that an ELSE is not necessary. However, I inserted an ELSE between the two bracketed statements in order to be sure beyond programming...
  4. Poll: Event JS redundancy with different browsers

    Question 1:
    On Fri, Jan 11,...
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