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  1. Get target url from "window.onbeforeunload"?

    First of all, before the question I'll do the justification - because I realise this is a sensitive "no no" private area of the user's browsing experience. I only need/want to be able to capture the...
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    Nevermind! I've switched to using a table layout...

    I've switched to using a table layout and placing an iFrame within the 2 columns - this seems to be working great.
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    Updating url to reflect frame location?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently developing a new website and I'm having a little bit of trouble.

    I have a main page (index.php) and I've got a frameset inside of it, like this:

  4. ****! Sorry about forgetting to post my solution...

    ****! Sorry about forgetting to post my solution here - it actually stems from the idea you gave me.

    Essentially what I did was create a sitemap and robots.txt file and uploaded them to the...
  5. Sending search engines to a different page?

    Firstly, before you reply telling me not to do this (and I fully understand why) please read my situation.

    The website I've created for myself loads the file "index.php" and doesn't go anywhere...
  6. Well, I've nearly solved my own problem now. I...

    Well, I've nearly solved my own problem now.

    I used conditional statements to load different style sheets depending on browser version, which has fix the buttons being thrown about (locally, link...
  7. Website not displaying properly in IE6 or IE7?


    Sorry to be a noob (as I know you have probably seen this question hundreds of times).
    I've been working on a new website for my band, I have little/no HTML/CSS knowledge, so needless to say...
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