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  1. Simple CMS Idea, any good tutorials for me?


    I would like to create a very simple CMS that would allow visitors to register a profile and I am curious if there are any good tutorials for me to look into because I have no PHP...
  2. Vanity URL / Sub-directory - Case Sensitive Issues... Any advice?

    Hi developers,
    I am having an issue with URL casing leading to 404 errors if it is not an exact match when typed-in.

    I am trying to do a vanity URL system where I use dub-directories for my...
  3. LaTeXForum.com - I got a nice offer, develop or sell?

    Hello developers!

    I got an exciting offer for my domain name LaTeXForum.com however I am not sure if the end-user is seeking the domain name for Latex (the material) or LaTeX.

    I have no...
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    Hey, thanks a lot for that... Yes, something...

    Hey, thanks a lot for that...

    Yes, something like that is great ...
    however I am seeking something I have more control over.

    The particular theme I want on the generated page is to be a...
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    What do I need to get this done?


    I am seeking to have a website service that offers my visitors to create a personal profile/vcard very similar to the site about.me where you simply fill in some blanks and it create a...
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