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  1. CSSEdit capabilities in Dreamweaver? (Mac)

    Does Dreamweaver have the same capability of CSS editing as the Mac program CSSEdit (http://macrabbit.com/cssedit/)?

    For those who aren't familiar with CSSEdit, it's a program that allows you to...
  2. General Advice Needed - Easily update HTML website

    I'm looking for general suggestions in regard to the following situation:

    I designed/coded a basic XHTML/CSS website for a research group that is generally composed of lists of publications (four...
  3. Replies

    Replace image and shift it down

    I'm looking for a script that replaces an image on a mouse rollover while also shifting it down a set number of pixels.

    I'll be using this in conjunction with XHTML (with CSS) in case that's...
  4. *sigh* it's always so simple. Yeah, I wanted to...

    *sigh* it's always so simple. Yeah, I wanted to use booleans, too, but I wasn't sure if the syntax was the same with JavaScript. I saw some strange stuff when trying to Google. I'll test this out...
  5. Simple Javascript question (password protection, if statements)

    This should be a relatively simple fix. I've coded in Java (am finishing my 2nd semester now), but I apparently don't understand JavaScript. I know that they are not the same thing, but does some of...
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