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  1. .htaccess redirection for specific foldername followed by specific scriptname in url

    Assume the following as the url structure


    In my logs i can see users requesting the above url for exploitation as follows

  2. its done

    yes... i already did the same with scandir. thank you.
  3. custom directory listing script in apache/php in shared hosting

    As we know that if we have enabled directory listing then all files and folders will be listed if we do not have index.* or default.*

    I have used htaccess to auto prepend a php script thinking...
  4. here is a code created from geonames basics

    I had been working with this for a while and i have created a snippet for myself. Here it is. You can copy the complete page and you can work it out for further usage. This applies to anybody who...
  5. This code is finally working. ...

    This code is finally working.

  6. Adjacency List model recursive deletion

    I have a table with Adjacency List model.

    id cop title pid
    10 1 four 9
    9 1 three 8
    8 1 two 7
    7 1 one 0
    11 1 five 10
    12 1 six 11
    13 1 seven 12
  7. what kind of table structure is this?

    I have created a table in which i have categories and products all in one table. i have id and pid column. Id is the main uniq id and pid is for the parent id. so for any first category the pid is 0...
  8. anyway

    that missing braces was not in my code that would have been missed while pasting... then... how do we access?
  9. how to access parent functions variables

    function note(x,y,who)
    this.x = x
    this.y = y
    this.who = who
    this.timeout = null

  10. solved

    I solved it.

    In the above htaccess i replaced the last line
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L]

    with this
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?$1 [L]

    The modification is i changed the...
  11. only default controller is loading for all request - Critical

    My codeigniter project is in live.
    I have two copies of it. One in the root and another in a subfolder.
    Both are configered to work normal.

    The root copy if the one which was made after...
  12. get all elements under a mouse drag selection

    You guys would have seen the image cropping tool which has a selection option (marque tool) created in javascript.
    Like this i want to get all elements under...
  13. Replies

    jquery callback infinite call


    here is one peculiar behavior of jquery callback

    $('#mooka').fadeOut(100, function() { sendMail(); } );

    and in the head section i have included error handler to display any error if...
  14. apache - memory limit - It limits or forcefully allocates?

    i have a tech question.
    i want to set the memory_limit to 20mb in either .htaccess or local php.ini or in my script.
    will the server reserves 20mb every time any of my page loads or
    is it...
  15. oh yes

    Oh nice, since i started using my own functions i totally forgot these built in functions... thank you
  16. here is the answer for a previous criterion9 question

    i had functions which would work like the following

    else alert(not registered);

    i have wrapped ajax request in such...
  17. ajax post containing ambersand & issue

    Hi, I am back again with clarification in ajax post.
    I am having a WYSIWYG (TinyMCE) editor for a description field.
    I am posting it using AJAX.

    Assume that the data is "lorum ispum & <p>sample...
  18. have a look at this

  19. htaccess to redirect sitedotcom/abc/ to sitedotcom/site/abc

    I(we) have a problem with a newly deployed. it has url rewriting which redirects sitename.com/gallery perfectly in all other domains except the current one.

    what we need is if any request...
  20. yes

    The gif is already being animated. it is just hidden. before creating ajax instance i an change the style to visible.
  21. progress bar animation (processing.gif) in sync and async mode


    I use both sync and async modes.
    Before starting any ajax request i display a processing(rotating) gif icon to show that the request is in progress.
    when i get the response i will hide the...
  22. Replies

    simple div scroll using jquery

    i have a div with fixed height.
    i use dwscroll.
    it has many include files.
    when i use jquery animatins this dwscroll is not working but without the animations it works.
    so i need a simple jquery...
  23. thats not a problem

    async is not a problem i can always juggle that. I want to know the reason for the browser showing the error.
  24. ajax synchronous request, page refresh and the error

    I have been using asynchronous requests for a long time. so the response was processed in a callback function. I thought of not using async so i made synchronous requests. The reason is that i...
  25. what db field is appropriate for cms content for mysql

    I have a newsletter module. i create a database for that with the content field in the database is set to TEXT. I a project i was that the person has used BLOB... i have read the mysql manual...
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