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  1. Thanks, worked perfectly!

    Thanks, worked perfectly!
  2. Sorry, I typed the question after the Javascript...

    Sorry, I typed the question after the Javascript code, but it didn't show up.

    Anyway, the question is :
    Once the boxes are created and the names are typed in How do I bring the data from the text...
  3. Bring Dynamic Javascript Text Boxes to PHP

    I have a drop down list that lets the user select the number of names they want to enter. This then uses javascript to create the corresponding number of text boxes.

    <form name = "myform" id =...
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    I will probably go with a table, and the match...

    I will probably go with a table, and the match would have to be an exact match of both numbers.
    Another thing I just thought of would be since I already know the number of times each pair appears I...
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    Help for a newbie

    I am looking for some guidance on the most efficient way to do this as I am still very new to PHP and programming in general:

    I have some data where each match/set is made up of 2 different...
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    Jscolor Script?

    I am using the jscolor picker for the user to select color of text. I need multiple color pickers on one page.

    I am using these functions, because the HEX needs to be converted to RGB for output....
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    The users are creating a bar graph, and this text...

    The users are creating a bar graph, and this text will be over on the left side of the graph. So if someone types 3 letters vs someone typing 20 letters. the text would need adjusted accordingly. The...
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    FPDF Center Align Rotated Text

    I am rotating text like this

    But this $lefttext is entered by the user and needs to be centered between the top and bottom of the page, so the 145 needs to...
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    self.location after Form Submit

    When the user submits a form I am loading a .pdf file in a blank window with this code(which works fine):

    <form action="pdf.php" name="genForm" method="post" target="_blank">

    I would also like...
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    Color Picker with Hex to RGB

    I am using the jscolor color picker then needing to convert the hex to RBG to output this via the FPDF library.

    I am trying to use this script to convert the color

    function hex2rgb($hex) {
  11. Thank you very much, worked perfectly.

    Thank you very much, worked perfectly.
  12. Assign Radio Buttons to Variables then window.location

    I have two different groups of radio buttons inside of a form.
    When the submit button is clicked I would like to pass the "value" of the radio buttons to variables, then use the variables to call a...
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